How To Turn Off Continuous Contacts Syncing In Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger requests you to sync your phone contacts though you install it for the very first time. If you enable it to do so then all of your contacts information is shared with Facebook as well as Messenger. Such information assists Facebook to serve you better by providing useful tips. However, if you are not fine with sharing contacts with Facebook then you can unsync or delete all the already synced contacts and stop it in syncing them automatically afterwards. Here’s how to turn off continuous contacts syncing in Facebook Messenger from Android along with iPhone.

To see the contacts you’ve shared Messenger you can visit this link. Needless to say, you ought to be logged in to your account to observe that information. If you have synced your contacts together with Facebook afterward all of them will be recorded on this site. In case you don’t see anything subsequently contacts sync is disabled to your account.

It is possible to delete your contacts by Facebook by clicking on Delete All Contacts and confirming it over the next pop-up. However, in case you don’t turn off syncing from Messenger subsequently that the contacts will be imported again to Facebook automatically. To prevent that follow the steps below.

Unsync Contacts From Messenger On iPhone & Android

  1. Open Messenger program in your phone and tap in your profile image which can be found at the top left iPhone and top on Android as you’re on the Home tab.
  2. Next, tap People on another screen.
  3. Under People, toggle Sync Contacts change to Off.

Finally, pick Stop Syncing and tap Remove to delete synced contacts also stop continuous syncing.

For this, contacts syncing will be disabled and your contacts will not be shared with Facebook anymore. It could take some time before your already synced contacts have been deleted automatically (in my case it took a couple of minutes) or you can pay a visit to the link I discussed earlier in the guide to delete them if you don’t wish to wait.

You can also affirm the contacts removal from Facebook by visiting the exact same link over.

It’s possible to sync phone contacts again later in the event that you change your mind. In order to do that you can follow exactly the identical procedure but toggle Sync Contacts change to in step 3 above.

Are you going to keep your contacts synced or turn off continuous syncing in Messenger? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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