How To Remove Your Profile Link From Someone’s Bio On Instagram


Instagram has now added the prospect of adding links to hashtags and other reports from your Instagram bio. It means that from now on in the event that you use @ before the Instagram username in your bio then it will develop into a link to your own profile page. Similarly, in the event of hashtags should you prefix # before the hashtag name then it will link to this specific Hashtag page showing all of the popular articles and stories from that hashtag. However, suppose that you’re being mentioned by undesired and somewhat menacing profiles within their own bio? Nicely, Instagram has provided an option to manage this sort of misuse. In this tutorial, we’ve shared the exact same to assist you to remove your profile link from someone’s bio on Instagram from Android or iOS.

The newest change is actually cool and useful if you are looking to promote your or your friend’s account. Since you only have to tap on the username link from the bio to immediately go to a profile unlike before when it just utilised to be a plain text. Hence, making it easier than ever to access someone else’s profile from your profile. However, as I mentioned earlier, if you are being mentioned on profiles where you do not wish to be then it is possible to look after this. Here is how.

Whenever someone mentions you into their bio you’ll receive a notification from Instagram. It’ll look something like the one shown in the screenshot below.

So, if you would like to delete your profile link from their bio, use the steps below.

Proceed the profile of that person either by looking their username or directly by tapping on the mention notification.

  1. Whenever you are on their profile screen tap on your @username (your accounts link) and select Remove Link.

Finally, tap on Remove Link once more to complete the procedure.

Once you do this, the link will be removed however, your profile title will still be present as plain text. In the same way, it is possible to remove your profile link from different men and women bio if desired.

The other person will not get informed of the profile link elimination. They could only find out once they examine their bio using the account mention as plain text.

You’ll find two or three things I observed related to this new feature.

  1. I could not locate any way to reverse Remove Link in the event you decide later to get a link to your profile from their bio after you had deleted it previously.
  2. Also, removing your profile link from someone’s bio from your app only removes it from the program and the link is still there when you go to the profile on the Instagram site.

I shall update this article once I receive some new information about them.

Until then, you may easily delete your accounts mention from someone’s Instagram bio employing the procedure shared here.

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