How To View And Recover Android Notification History


Has it ever happened that from habit you accidentally deleted a helpful notification with no checking? Or maybe sometimes you only wish to learn the time of a missing notification. Additionally, there are a few apps which show only 1 notification at one time. When you receive new notification of that program, the older one gets removed automatically. Android doesn’t permit its users to find the previous notifications right. So, in the following article, you’ll find out how you can recover Android notification history and watch the past notifications.

Assess Recover Notifications On Android Phone

Many telephones having Android latest version don’t possess Settings shortcut inside their widgets segment. Therefore, there are lots of programs which could be used to get this job done. I have selected one program which works well on my telephone Redmi Note 5 Pro. It will definitely work on your own Android cellphone too to have the notification log.

If you’re reading this article in your phone then get the download link from here. Or you can hunt to find’Notification History’ at Google Play Store. There are also other apps available with the same name. The developer of this program is mydloch’s dev-team.

Open the program and provide necessary permissions like Access, Notification accessibility etc..

Now it’s possible to see all of the notifications of your mobile with this app’s house screen. Do not forget that it is not possible to observe the previous notifications of the time until the app was installed.

The program allows you to delete all of the notifications by a committed button at top right. Also, it’s likely to see yesterday’s notifications directly from the menu. This app may also be utilised to verify deleted messages WhatsApp as the messages’ notification will be stored in the app.

Recover Android Notification History

There is yet another notification tracker app you will see helpful that folks used to view the deleted WhatsApp messages. You can read about this in our earlier guide which explains how to read WhatsApp messages if they’re unsent.

All of us understand the importance of notifications. Apps like these are of amazing help at times to view the deleted notification by obtaining the notification history. If you use another system to regain lost notifications, let’s know in the comments.


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