How to Link Sarahah with Snapchat and Instagram Accounts


If you don’t know about Sarahah then let us tell you it is an app which permits you to send and receive feedback. It is designed to get honest feedback as your identity isn’t revealed. In case you have already enrolled with Sarahah then it makes sense to share your profile with just as many friends as possible to get to know what they think about you. The program has the option to discuss profile Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. But if you wish to link Sarahah with Snapchat or even Instagram afterward comply with this tutorial.

Link Sarahah with Snapchat

We are likely to use the recently established feature which lets you add links to snaps. Thus, let us get to it.

You may need your Sarahah accounts username. If you already know it then skip to the second step. In the event you don’t understand what is it then open Sarahah app and tap on profile icon at the bottom right. Harness it and choose Copy.

Now, launching Snapchat. Click a random snap and pat the paper clip icon.

Next, paste or type the username replicated before and hit Go.

When the URL loads tap on Attach to Snap.

Type the text and then edit the snap if desirable and place it to your story or send it separately.

With this, your buddies on Snapchat may swipe up on your snap and send you a anonymous message once your Sarahah profile loads.

Join Sarahah with Instagram

In case of Instagram, just verified accounts can include links to their own photos and videos from Stories. Therefore, if you’ve got one then you can proceed and put in your Sarahah username in the link option and place it.

For those users such as me that do not have a verified account, they could simply use the website section in their profile.

Copy the Sarahah username and start the Instagram program.

Go to your profile by tapping on the user icon at the bottom right and choose profile.

At the website field type or paste the Sarahah username and tap Done to save the changes.

Following this, it is possible to place a story or even a print a post in your profile informing users about the link in your bio and requesting them to send you a fair comments.

There’s absolutely no sense in using a program such as Sarahah without getting messages that are continuous. This is only possible if you spread your profile as much as possible. You already know how you can do this on Snapchat and Instagram. What are you waiting for?


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