Know What Version Of Windows Are You Using


Would you know which Windows your machine is operating? I am hoping the response is yes, as it is the most elementary thing you ought to know about your PC or background . But nobody tends to know over that. Even though it isn’t necessary to know the full details of this version, you must always possess the knowledge of what version of Windows you are using, its own variants and the little 32 or 64.

Knowing these will help you while updating the machine, downloading any software, updating the drivers or purchasing some hardware. By knowing them, you will make sure the item, or software which you are likely to purchase or work with will be harmonious with your system and will not need to try to find any additional assistance. There are not many methods where you can merely have to know the version and additional details of your Windows which we are likely to share with you here.

How To Know What Version Of Windows You’re Using?

You can have the information regarding the Edition which will let you know that Windows you are using. For e.g. Windows 10 PRO or Windows 10 Home, etc.. The version will offer the knowledge about the year or date of the Windows published as there are a lot of. The machine type will reveal if you are running 62-bit or 32-bit Windows. This may be practical to ascertain the drivers and compatible version of the software to be set up. Aside from that, you will also have to know the Build number of your Windows. That will offer the info about whether it’s the most recent or any prior build of Windows you are functioning.

Method 1 – Visually

You can check which version of Windows you have i.e. 7/8/8.1 or 10 by just looking at the screen of the Windows once it is opened. As every version of Windows has something distinct from the UI you can easily point out it by taking a look at the beginning icons or menu. Let’s take a peek at them.

If your Windows start menu includes a round button with older brilliant Windows logo. And once you click on it the launch menu looks like the picture below, then you have Windows 7.

In Windows 8 and 8.1, the start menu is a bit simple. It’s a white color start logo and is totally flat.

And when you click on the start menu it opens into a complete desktop which is the very different mode in all the versions of Windows until now.

According to Windows 10 the start menu is like the Windows 8 or 8.1 but with a search bar attached directly alongside the start button in the taskbar.

And once you click the start button, then the start menu will automatically open directly on that window but with the style of Windows 8 or 8.1 beginning menu. The one difference is that the start menu will not take the entire screen.

This was the simplest way to find out which Windows you are operating in your system. But in case you wish to know more than only the version of their Windows subsequently have a look at the approaches given below.

Method 2 – Using Windows Tools

You can find the advice of your Windows version, piece and build number using the system tools i.e in the RUN application command or in the system info. Though the RUN program will work similarly on all of the versions of the Windows, the machine info may be a little different.

RUN Program Command

Open the Run application, for that press the Windows+R key on the keyboard together. Here kind winver and hit OK or click on enter.

  1. After that, About Windows tab will start where you can see info like Windows version, and build number. It is that easy.
  2. Head over to the main desktop computer or the display and look for My Computer or This PC.
  3. Right click it and then select Properties.
  4. As you choose properties, a System window will open. Here you may find all the details of Windows variant the same as the preceding RUN system with the addition to the telephone number, platform type, Windows activation details, and its own product ID.

About Windows 8 or 8.1 you can also access this option by dragging the mouse cursor from the right of the background to the left side. And by the menu which appears there select Preferences.

Now inside this particular setting, again to exactly the same panel select PC info and it’ll take you right to the aforementioned System info page.

Windows 10

Click on the start button, then select Settings > System > About.

  1. Next, you will realize the page where the information about your Windows version is supplied, as displayed in the image below.

These were the easiest method to learn the version, build and other information about the Windows you are running. All the methods work with no problems, but if you wish to know which is the greatest then I will say no one. As they all will offer different info and they all have their particular usage. Would you know any other? Share with us at the remarks below.


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