How To Use NFC On Android To Send Files


Near Field Communication or commonly knows as NFC is a feature offered on smartphones. Lots of you may wonder what NFC is? On this feature, users can send many types of information like pictures, music, programs and several other files from one device to another.

Not only that, but NFC can also be capable of making payments. Additionally, it enables programming commands to different NFC tags and read them. But how can NFC operate? Here we’re going to show one of the methods to use NFC on Android apparatus to move files and other data.

Use NFC To Transfer Files

Well, now the majority of the smartphones come with NFC chips pre-installed. Here we have used Samsung Galaxy S8 to show you the steps of employing the NFC on Android apparatus. In a number of the devices such as Sony, you will observe the official NFC’s emblem on the back of the device, however for other Android apparatus, it is possible to check from the preferences of your device to see if it has got the NFC option or maybe not. Thus, let’s find out how to establish and use NFC.

Step 1

Within connections, you will see NFC and payments options tap on it or just change the toggle button on to activate the NFC. This may trigger the NFC and Android beam on the device.

You could also trigger NFC in your notification panel. Draw the notification panel down there you will observe that the NFC option, you may need to swipe left to get more buttons. After locating it, then tap on the NFC logo and it’ll light up enabling NFC. This option may or might not be available on every device.

Step 2

Once you have activated NFC on your own device, do the same on the target device to which you’ll send the information. After this, on your own apparatus open the file, image, page, sound etc. you want to discuss.

Step 3

Currently once the document which you want to send is open, bring both the device nearer and touch the rear of the devices with one another. Once your device detects the other apparatus, it is going to inform you with a sound and vibration.

Step 4

The apparatus display from which you are sending the document will show the text stating Touch to beam. Tap the display and the and the device will show the notification of document being moved. It’s that simple.

Notice: Do not remove or separate the device unless the beaming has begun. Once the move is complete you’ll be able to get the sent file on your target device.

NFC Uses

NFC is commonly used nowadays to reduce the time and procedure used in tiny pieces of data or information transport. There are wide collections of NFC programmable Tags into which you may add commands. Once the device or some other NFC capable electronics comes in contact with NFC tag, then it is going to run the control or some other programme you’ve embedded inside. For instance, triggering silent mode, or other key features like sending messages . It is possible to use NFC programmable apps to achieve that.

Now coming to information transfer on Android smartphones via NFC and Android Beam, then you can use it to send files such as pictures, videos, audio by obeying the presented steps above. Not only this, but you could also share YouTube videos, web pages and Programs from Play Store. Just open the desirable YouTube video, webpage on the browser or program in the Play Store and deliver the apparatus close to each other.

It will open the video on the YouTube program or some other browser on the target device. And for the Play Store programs and webpages, it will available in the receivers Play Store and Web browsers respectively. At last payments, you can even use NFC to make payments to particular card scanning machines. Simply tap on your device to the machine at it is going to browse the NFC app for your accounts or your card where you are making payments out of. Now you can make payments without even taking credit or debit cards only using NFC. Cool, isn’t it?

With NFC you can save a whole lot of time with sending files or making obligations on the go. Recall for sending files on tablets or phones both, both the sender and recipient should have NFC and the apparatus should touch each other from the back, then only it will get the job done. Hope you currently know exactly what NFC is and how it operates. What do you consider NFC?


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