How To Turn On/Off TalkBack On Android


Android smartphones aren’t just smart because of the hardware and all of the stuff which can be done on them. They are also smart since they enable people with low vision or very low sightedness, a wonderful way to use and learn more about the devices. They have an inbuilt TalkBack or voice assistant feature. For this, users may get audio comments to your content on the screen along with other options which are available there. In this manner it becomes easy for people that have low vision or are visually impaired to function on the apparatus.

It’ll offer audio feedback for each part of the display they touch making it a reliable approach to make use of smartphones. Now tripping or switching on talkback on Android device is really easy, but switching it off may be a little out of this box as the apparatus at talkback mode works differently than the standard. Here we are going to provide the steps that will be required to turn on/off talkback on Android devices.

TalkBack Mode/Voice Assistant

The steps will be comparable to all the other Android devices but the term TalkBack may change. In our case, it’s Voice helper.

Turn On TalkBack

TalkBack style can be readily activated by going to the Settings menu. Here navigate and search for Accessibility and tap on it.

Inside the Accessibility menu, in the given categories choose Vision. Now, you will have the ability to see Voice Assistant. Select it.

Here turn on the toggle switch as shown in the perfect image above. Then it will request permission and show how it will function. Tap OK and you’ve turned on talkback on your own Android device.

Some of the apparatus may not have a toggle turn, rather, there’ll be other option like On/Off. The device will function differently within this manner. For e.g. you will need to double tap to pick an option on the screen, use two fingers to swipe navigate through the pages along with few others. The device will also provide you with tutorials for utilizing the TalkBack mode properly. We’d suggest choosing the tutorial to understand the use more obviously.

Now as the device functions somewhat differently in the talkback manner, follow the given steps to turn off it or deactivate it.

To unlock the phone in talkback mode, swipe on the lock display with two hands on. Then offer the pattern or password to unlock your device if you’ve put any. When you have a passcode then double tap on every digit/word to choose it.

Now, use two hands and swipe down to start up the notification panel. This will indicate the settings icon. Now tap on exactly the same icon or any place on the display to start the settings menu.

Notice: On other devices, tap on the program drawer icon once and if a box will show up on that icon double tap it to open the app list. Do the same to open the settings menu in the app list.

Similarly, open the Accessibility menu by tapping on once and then double tapping on it and hit to Voice helper menu by opening the mandatory option by tapping.

Then turn the toggle button off at precisely the identical manner i.e. tap on the option and then box will appear on this option, then double tap to start or employ the desired preferences. Then select OK in the pop-up menu and it will turn off.

Together with the provided steps you can easily turn on and off the TalkBack or voice helper feature on your own Android devices. Remember, your smartphone will work in an unusual manner in the TalkBack mode so it’s suggested to select the tutorial which the system supplies following activating it.


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