How To Turn Off Google Assistant On Android Phone


The majority of the smartphones nowadays are powered with Android, and it will be yet another product from Google. Each smartphone fabricating company supplies its own features but Google also packs some of the additional software on Android that is also helpful. Applications like Google Maps, Photos, Google Drive are a couple of of them which comes preinstalled with all the Android apparatus. There is one more, Google Assistant, Google’s own AI-powered virtual assistant just like Apple’s Siri. Though Google Assistant is useful in a variety of ways, still the majority of us do not use it on a normal basis.

There is a dedicated button which you press few seconds and the aid pops up to deal with your questions and help you out. This button may be for fast obtaining the Google Assistant, however, it turns on multiple times a day wrongly. It can be annoying since the majority of the time you do not even desire it and it begins functioning on its own by only a slight press or touch. So, here we are going to show you the procedure to turn off Google Assistant out of your Android apparatus for good.

Now, I am using Samsung Galaxy S8 working on Android 8 Oreo for showing one of the method of deactivating Google Assistant. The measures will be comparable in the rest of the Android devices using a difference in the very first measure. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Open Google Assistant

Press and hold the Home icon in the Center, in the bottom of the screen. This may vary according to apparatus, some will have difficult disk button though some may possess on-screen buttons, but the method is exactly the same. This will start the Google Assistant menu.

Select Explore

On Your Google Assistant webpage, pick the compass icon on the perfect side to start the Explore page. If there’s no compass icon tap on the Shop icon on its left.

Open Settings

Currently, within this specific Search page pick the 3 vertical dots on top right of this display. After this choose Settings.

Go To Assistant Option In Preferences

Inside the Preferences menu tap or swipe left to get to the Assistant tab. At the bottom of the tab, you will see Assistant apparatus and beneath it, your device is going to be mentioned, either as the phone or your own device model name. Pick the Phone.

Settings For Assistant

Following this, you will reach the Assistant menu.

This will close Google Assistant and its attributes will probably turn off and there’ll be no longer popping up after pressing the home button.

Enabling Google Assistant

If you happen to would like to enable Google Assistant again, then press and hold your home icon along with the home button and then in the pop menu select TURN ON and also the Google Assistant will turn back on.

This is the procedure to turn off Google Assistant in the event you’re feeling bothered by it always open it by mistake. By following these basic actions you can easily eliminate it. Hope you have the method. In the event of any questions do let us know in the comments.


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