How to Download Instagram Stories on Android, iPhone & Desktop

download instagram stories

Instagram is growing day by day and getting more popular among teens. Every social media platform is targeting teens; because teens are the ones who stay more active on social media platforms than peoples of other age groups. So, many social media platforms release new features to attract teenagers and stand out in competition with other social networks. Recently Instagram has copied the idea of stories from a popular app called Snapchat, and Instagram added Instagram stories features on their platform.

We all know that this idea was originally created by snapchat, but because of that cloned feature, Instagram’s popularity got some extra boost and targeted many new teenage users. Nowadays Instagram stories or storiesig feature has become very popular among more than 400 million daily active users using that feature.

We all like to see Instagram stories of our favorite celebrities or friends and also want to save or download them to our devices. But Instagram stories or storiesig are visible only for 24 hours of a time period, and after that time period Instagram stories will disappear for forever, and you’ll not be able to see them again.

But you can download and save your own Instagram stories by saving them using archive or highlights in Instagram. However, if you want to download any other user’s Instagram stories or storiesig, then Instagram does not allow to download Instagram stories on their platform. But there is still a way out to save and download Instagram story of someone else’s quickly and easily to your devices? Just read this step by step guide to download or save Instagram stories in just a few steps.

In this post, we’ve shared with you some of the best services which will allow you to save or download Instagram stories easily for free. By using these third-party services, tools, apps or websites, you can download your or anyone else’s Instagram stories quickly and easily in just a few seconds.

How to Download Instagram Stories on Desktop

Step-1: Open in your web browser and search for a user whose Instagram stories or storiesig you want to save or download to your device.

Step-2: Now, copy username of that user.

Step-3: Open Download Instagram Stories website in a new window. Now just past that copied username in the empty box where it says to “Enter Username” and then hit the download button.

Step-4: That’s all you have to do. Now scroll down a little bit, and you’ll see Instagram stories or storiesig to download then click on download button to save and download Instagram stories to your device.

How to Download Instagram Stories on Android

The android app we are going to use is Story Saver, and you can download it for free from google play store. You need to log in with your Instagram account. And then you’ll see the Instagram stories or storiesig posted by your Instagram followers on the main page of the app. But if you want to save or download story of other users than you need to search for that users Instagram username in a search bar. Now select any photo or video which was used as an Instagram story for that user and click on save to download that Instagram story on your device.

Step-1: Download the Story Saver app from google play store and install it your android device.

Step-2: Open the app and login with your Instagram account.

Step-3: Now on the main page you’ll see Instagram stories of your Instagram followers.

Step-4: Enter the username of the user in the search bar to download their Instagram stories.

Step-5: Now you’ll see a bunch of photos and videos that are used in their Instagram stories.

Step-6: Now click on any story to repost, share and download that story.

How to Download Instagram Stories on iPhone

To download Instagram stories on iPhone, we are going to use Story Reposter app. The Story Reposter app is very easy to use you don’t need to login to your Instagram account to use it. But because of that, you need to individually search for Instagram username one by one to download their Instagram stories or storiesig. So, it will take some more time if you want to download stories of multiple users at once. This app is absolutely free, but it contains some ads that are very frustrating. But you can’t get rid of these annoying advertisements, and most of the apps on app store contain ads.

Step-1: Download and install the Story Reposter app from the app store to your iPhone.

Step-2: Allow the app to access your photo library.

Step-3: Search for the Instagram username whose Instagram stories you want to download.

Step-4: Now you can report the story or share it to download on your iPhone.