How To Change DNS Settings On Android


DNS (Domain Name System) is a function which translates Domain Names into IP addresses. This is called computers know the numerical IP addresses easily and also convert them into sites. At times while browsing the net you may face connectivity difficulties. You will observe a DNS server error due to which you are unable to load up the websites or browse the net. Moreover, with your ISPs default DNS server may not enable you to see blocked sites. Therefore, to avoid such issues you can change DNS settings on Android.

This we provide you the solutions which will enable you to customize or change the DNS settings on your Android apparatus as needed. These methods allow you to change the DNS server by entering the desired or the goal servers IP addresses. Without further wait, then let us get to the measures.

I have used the measures and screenshots from my Samsung Galaxy S8 working on Android Oreo. But the procedure remains the same, only a couple steps like picking out the Wi-Fi placing and Advance system menu might differ.

Step 1

In the home screen of your device, go to Settings>Connections>Wi-Fi. Or you can access the Wi-Fi setting by long pressing the Wi-Fi icon on the notification pub (might or might not operate on all devices).

Step 2

Once in the Wi-Fi setting, long press the network that is connected or to that you wish to change the DNS. Next, you will notice a pop-up menu. In some devices, you won’t be in a position to long press on or see the pop-menu, you can just tap on the system instead.

Step 3

Select Manage programs setting from the pop-up menu. In other devices, once you tap on the network you will have the ability to observe the additional setting.

Step 4

After selecting the Manage networks, a different pop-up menu will look. Here you have to choose Show Advanced Options.

Step 5

Inside the Advanced menu, you have to tap on the IP settings and change it in DHCP to Static.

Step 6

After you save the settings, the network will refresh itself by disconnecting and connecting from the gadget. Similarly, you can change DNS to get different networks if required.

Change DNS Server Using App

Apart from the way of changing the DNS directly from the device, there are also programs available to perform the same. Although there are several programs on the Play Store, some of them might not operate properly or you’d require to root your own devices. DNS Changer to get Android is one app which works perfectly without any of those mentioned issues and the ideal thing with no advertisements. To do so it uses VPN programs and allows you to change the DNS settings required for browsing the web.

DNS Changer program is available at No Cost on the Play Store.

Once the app is installed and you open it, then you will see the dashboard where you can input two DNS address. Once you have inputted your preferred DNS settings, you may then tap on Start.

Then, the DNS will become active and you can see its status from the notification panel. To stop this connection you’ll be able to tap on Stop and it will become inactive. If you want, you can make any of the inputted DNS as the default DNS address.

Aside from the option of changing the DNS for almost any desired networks, this app has a bit more to offer. It will show you the present networks DNS servers that you can use and allow you to appear for other sites and their DNS. Additionally, it has a button to disable all of the functionality of this app which can be enabled anytime or once the device is uninstalled.

Final Say

These approaches will let you change the DNS settings on an Android device depending on your needs when required. The best way is to do it from the Android apparatus, but if you want to have additional customization and also keep tabs on your DNS changing activities then DNS changer app is the ideal option.


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