4 Methods To Find Motherboard Model And Number Of Your PC


If you are trying to find the specifics regarding your PC motherboard then you’re in the ideal location. In the following guide, we have mentioned a few methods using which you may assess motherboard details like producer name and model to Windows PC without needing to open the machine. You can use these methods to test laptop or any desktop motherboard info.

There are various kinds of motherboards per with different use and output operation. In most of the scenarios, all the motherboards seem same but have different use. This is the point where the model and its number comes into action. Utilizing these details it is possible to decide which sort of motherboard you’re using and exactly what all of the features you get with it.

Which Are The Uses Of Understanding The Model And Number Of Motherboard?

Knowing the motherboard’s model number and other info may be required if you’re planning to update the drivers online or purchasing any other extra hardware such as a graphics card, or even any other people to update the PC. As the current motherboard should be compatible with the new update or hardware you need to be aware of the specifics of the motherboard.

You can also use the facts of the motherboard if you are thinking about buying any second-hand hardware or system. This way, with its model and number you may determine whether it might be well worth buying or not according to your requirements. Without any additional ado let’s start with these methods.

Here we’ve cited 4 methods with which you can get to understand the model number on your desktops or laptops in only a few measures in each method. Let’s see what and the way to do so.

Method 1 – Using System Information

Open the Run program simply by pressing Windows+R key.

Here sort msinfo32.exe and hit enter or tap on OK.

This will open the System Information Window. Here you will have the ability to see the particulars of the motherboard and its model as System Model indicated from the screenshot below.

Method 2 – Using DirectX Diagnostic Tool

  1. Again, open the Run application, type dxdiag and hit enter or select OK.
  2. Under the System tab, you will have the ability to find the System Manufacturer and System Model.

Method 3 – Using CMD

You can certainly do it by entering cmd in the Run app and then hitting enter or OK.

After within Command Prompt, use the next command — wmic baseboard get merchandise, manufacturer, version, serialnumber and then hit enter.

Doing so will provide you with the manufacturer name, product number, serial number and also the edition of this hardware.

Method 4 – Utilizing Third-Party Application

You may also use third-party applications to find the model number of your platform motherboard. Here we have used CPUID program which is small in size and can the job in moments. You’re able to download it from their Official site for free.

When you’re done downloading and installing this application, open it.

The application will take a couple of seconds, where it’ll scan the machine. Wait till the progress bar reaches 100 percent.

After the scan is complete, head over to the Mainboard panel.

Here you will be able to examine motherboard details such as maker name, model, chipset and some other info like BIOS Graphic Interface etc..

Working with these methods you will have the ability to find the model number of your Windows system motherboard, whether it’s a desktop computer or a laptop. You can use these methods on any version of the Windows — 7, 8, 8.1 or even 10. The first strategy will only tell you more about the model while the remainder of them is going to provide the model number info too. And those methods are wholly trustworthy and easy to use. Would you know any other means? If yes, then do share with us.


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