How To Enable Snapchat Birthday Party To Get Birthday Filter And Emoji


Facebook sends you a notification to inform you about a friend’s birthday. Similar to this, there is a setting on Snapchat by the title of Birthday Party which if turned on can assist friends and family on Snapchat to recall your birthday. Letting it makes your zodiac sign emoji look next to your username and in addition, it adds cake emoji next to your title in your birthday. Not only this but you will also get a special Snapchat birthday filter to utilize in your own snaps. And your buddies will have a filter allowing them to wish you in entertaining ways. Thus, if you wish to celebrate your special day in the best possible manner then here is how to enable Snapchat Birthday Party on Android or even iOS.

Switch On Snapchat Birthday Party

I’ve used the steps and screenshots in the iPhone app. However, the procedure remains the exact same for Android.

Now, let’s jump to the process.

Open Snapchat program and tap in your Bitmoji or Publish icon in the top left corner of the display.

This may take you to your profile display. Here, tap the cog icon at the top to proceed to Settings.

Under Preferences, tap on the field that reads Birthday.

Last, toggle Birthday Party change to ON.

That’s all you need to do.

Now, whenever your birthday comes here’s everything Snapchat provides.

Snapchat Birthday Emoji — Cake

Like I mentioned earlier, Birthday Party choice when triggered will add a cake emoji next to your name in your birthday. This can remind your friends and there is no possibility of missing to desire you.

Snapchat Birthday Filter — For You And Your Friends

Does Snapchat assist your friends remember your birthday but additionally, it enables them to celebrate it in a unique manner. When your friend attempts to send you a snap on your birthday they’ll get a birthday filter to incorporate in the snap.

Additionally, you’ll also get a birthday filter for using in your snaps you could send privately or place to your story.

Snapchat Birthday Filters will, obviously, be available for a 24-hour period till your birthday lasts and will probably be removed afterwards.

This is all about Birthday Party attribute on Snapchat you should know. We hope that all your questions were answered here. In the event of any further questions, it is possible to lose a comment and let us know.


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