How To Check FPS On Android In Games And Videos


There was a time in which games with great images were only limited to PC/Laptop. However, now with games such as PUBG, the images in mobile gaming are getting a great deal more advanced and remarkable. And in regards to graphics, FPS (Frames per second) plays a significant part in making them great. A high FPS is actually vital for a smooth gaming experience while having great graphics. And there are a whole lot of tools to check the FPS in PC games, however for cellular, the tools to check that the FPS are very limited. And most of these apps/tools require you to root your Android smartphone which means getting your phone out of guarantee with several different disadvantages of rooting.

So in the following guide, we are going to show you how you’re able to check FPS in Android games as well as videos using the very best available tools and the best part — without Root. And to do this job, we are going to utilize GameBench program from the Play Store.

Notice: You need to have a PC/Laptop for those tools to function on your Android phone. Also, you are needed to have some additional software before you’re able to use the main FPS counting tools.


Primarily, you will need to install Java on your computer, which may be downloaded after selecting your operating system out of here.

ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

If you don’t own ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Driver installed on your own computer, then you can download it from the link.

After you have ADB Driver downloaded and installed, connect your Android phone with your computer through a USB cable.

Now for installing your own device on ADB driver, then you have to switch on the Developer Mode in your smartphone. To do this go to Settings>Around phone>Build number/Version.

Harness 7 times on Build Number/Version to flip on the Developer Mode.

Go back to settings to find the Developer Options, and allow the USB Debugging.

Run on the ADB Driver application on your personal computer, pick your connected device from the list and click Install.

And finally, obtain the GameBench Android Service launcher for Windows by clicking here. And if you’re a Mac or Linux user then you can download it by clicking here.

GameBench FPS Checker (Without Root)

GameBench is a totally free FPS checker for Android games. It provides you reside FPS on the screen when you are playing the game which you want to check. The program keeps recording your FPS info and provides you with the ordinary FPS if you exit the match.

This application has two editions on the Play Store. One is Community edition, which allows you to use the program with no registration. Another one is that the Pro Edition, which gives you more information like CPU use and battery usage. But the Guru edition takes you to register on the app, which turns out to be more time-consuming. So in the following article, we are going to show you how to use the GameBench Community Edition.

The Actions To Check FPS On Android

After downloading all the PC software, Download the GameBench Community Edition program on your phone out of your Play Store.

Launch the app and skip the intro. The app will give you a link to download the GameBench Android Service Launcher to your PC. However, you can bypass this part as you have already downloaded that app.

Connect your phone to your PC/Laptop using a USB Cable. Then turn on the Developer Mode and allow the USB Debugging on your own phone.

The PC application will search for your device and following your device is detected, you’re going to find the permission to use the program on your phone. At this time you may disconnect your phone out of the laptop. (Note: You will have to do this every time you reboot your phone)

Now launch the Gamebench app on your phone. It will show all the installed apps/games on your own phone, just select the game that you need to check.

By default, it’ll show you the live FPS on the Top Right corner of your display.

It is possible to change the position of FPS overlay by clicking on the Menu icon>Settings>Overlay Corner.

When you are going to depart your match, the app will show you a FPS pub, which will show the average FPS Count for your match.

FPS Meter

FPS Meter is another if GameBench didn’t work nicely for you. This app doesn’t operate on Android 6devices. It didn’t work on our device although, the device we were checking it on has been Android 5.1.1 version, that was below 6. But we are still mentioning this app since it may work on your own device.

If you have already downloaded Java and installed on your apparatus through ADB Driver, then most of your job is already done. Now follow these easy steps to use the FPS Meter on your Android phone.

You can download FPS Meter mobile program from Play Store.

After downloading the program on your phone, download the FPS Meter Desktop program by clicking here.

Connect your phone with your PC/Laptop using a USB Cable and empower Developer Mode and USB Debugging on your phone.

Run the FPS Meter Desktop app, it is going to detect your connected device and show it on the list.

Select your connected device from the list, and then click on Start Service.

Now launch the mobile app, you will see a list of all of the installed programs on your phone.

In the list, choose the game you need to check and tap on Start FPS Benchmark to play the game whilst getting live FPS.


If you’re into gaming then you likely know the importance of FPS, and you might have thought of checking the FPS on your Android phone. The applications that are offered for checking FPS in mobile games require a while, which can be confusing and frustrating. However, by means of the specified step by step process, we strove to make it effortless for you to find these programs working.


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