10 Best Cricket Games For Android Lovers To Play Anytime


Ricket is just one of the most popular and appreciated sport across the planet. Everyone has played cricket at the streets, playgrounds or at home in their youth. But now people do not get time to play either on a cricket ground or some other outdoor place. And to find the exact identical fun on your own mobiles we all came up to your best cricket games for Android to fulfill your cricketing desire.

List Of Top 10 Android Cricket Games

Cricket Black

This is the smallest size cricket game among all the other in this record, just 2MB. Your goal in the sport will be to beat the score with a limited number of chunks. It also has options for playing it online with arbitrary players with friends.

With simple controls to play with and little storage, this is actually an enjoyable game. Being small in size the match has its own downsides like not much images and limited shots styles. The thing that I did not like in this sport app is that you simply get to bat, without any balling option for players.

Doodle Cricket

Another game like Cricket Black but using some brilliant cartoon characters and different playing angles. Within this game, your aim would be to score just as much as you can without becoming out. You’ll have an infinite number of chunks but be conscious of your own wicket because you have just one player. As soon as you’re outside, the match begins from the start.

The game is pretty simple yet addicting. It has just one controller for hitting the balls, rest it runs by itself. Grab your bat and score as much as possible.

Stick Cricket

The gameplay of this game is almost like the preceding two but using a different personality and match type. With just two controllers to hit captured on the left and right side leaves the game effortless to playwith. It has a Performance Center to increase your skills in the game.

You may opt to play with 5 different game types.

All Star Slog where it is possible to earn up to now as you can then beat your own score in future matches. It has 3 styles of 5, 10 and 20 overs. You may only play with 5 overs for free and for others you’ll need to purchase pro pack.

Globe Dominations, in this you have to beat all the 14 states to get to the top. It is possible to unlock new teams by beating the initial one.

For the subsequent two match types, you will have to make in-app purchases. World T2 and World Cup Edition where you will fly to other countries competing with them in the sport. The previous mode is just two players where you are able to play with your friends through a Bluetooth connection and beat one another’s score.

Smash Cricket

This game has awesome 3D graphics and awesome user interface. Your staff will have just 4 players which you will receive at the start of the game. You’re able to choose the team from which you may love to get the players or select World to acquire the players randomly. The players and their profiles are actual. It lets updating the player to increase their skills.

The motive of this game is to score greater than your competitor within the established quantity of overs. To hit a shot you only need to swipe on the display to the direction in which you want the ball to proceed.

You’re able to play an internet live game with any random person or with friends and family by connecting via Facebook. You will increase the amount of your game as you continue winning online games. In addition to this, you can also play with career to acquire most of the World cups, Champions cup, Superseries, along with Premier leagues.

Super Cricket 2

This is only one of the best 3D cricket match for your Android phones including many modes of game to playwith. You have to beat the specified score inside the overs provided. The overs are contingent on the mode of games.

With real teams and players, you are able to play World championship, IPL, Ashes show, Asia cup, all-day celebration, World T20 or tri-series between Australia, India, and England. The developers are working on attracting some new modes and series from the sport.

Apart from that, the game features 360° shot choice, you can hit in almost any direction. You can also select from the difficulty modes to set the challenge according to your own. Again in this match, you can just batthe innings for bowling is automatically played and the score that you will need to pursue is provided.

Beach Cricket

Set or beat the rating of your opponent staff in Beach Cricket in the warmth of the sun whilst hitting some incredible smashes. This game has 2 teams from which you can choose for yourself and two cricket areas to choose from, Sunny grove and also Tranquil bay. Unlike the above games, not only you are able to do batting but bowling also with 11 players in each team. It is possible to place the fielding according to your gameplan and change the camera angle.

In addition to this, you can make your own team. It permits editing of the team name and its abbreviation. Additionally edit the player name, their batting and bowling mode too.

World Cricket Battle

Although the game is still under development, it has secured its name on the list of best cricket games for Android owing to its real love gameplay. You will feel as watching an authentic live game on your apparatus with all the following and before game animations exactly like in actual games.

You’ll have the option to select teams from various leagues, one day global or Dream XI. It will allow having a game between different teams and leagues of your selection. Aside from this, you can select the overs according to your want using a minimum of 2 and maximum of 50 to play with from. You may even choose different camera positions.

Currently this game not only looks authentic, however, the system of playing can also be real. It includes Rain interruption, D/L system, Net clinic, Snickometer, Commentary box along with many more. This can be a really good game for your diehard cricket lovers to play.

World Cricket Championship 2

Still another cricket match to play the teams from around the globe is World Cricket Champions 2. You may opt to play a quick match or a test collection. You may also choose the above, number of games (in test series), difficulty, stadium and weather conditions for the games. You can also customize the jersey colour if you don’t wish to go with the existing team jersey.

Besides that, it is possible to also use autoplay to complete any innings without playing. At the game, you can challenge your friends online or combine some gangs of cricket groups. It also has a practice mode to boost your batting and bowling skills. This game enables you to set the images quality so that there won’t be a problem running it in almost any gadget.

Moving ahead, this game is largely like the above, World Cricket Battle, however using some fewer teams and attributes like D/L methods etc.. All over this is a truly nice game to play.

Sachin Saga

There are no single cricket enthusiast who won’t recognize him. So this game provides you the opportunity to play as the master blaster himself.

This game has two different modes Legend and Events. In Legends you will get to play all of the games that Sachin himself played with all the same stadiums and conditions. Score as far as you can and attain RP and goodwill to raise your game level.

In addition to all this, they have an online competition frequently. Apart from that, you can have a training session with tips from the master blaster. You may also see just how many players you’ve accumulated in cricketers. The graphics of this game isn’t that great but fine to playwith.

Real Cricket 18

Now in the event that you combine the majority of the feature from all the cricket games listed above, you will get Real Cricket 18. It is possible to play a fast game, clinic on the nets or play from a number of leagues and tournaments. It’s live commentary for each game you playwith.

It’s animations for player auctions and match celebrations. You can also see before and aftermatch animations just like World Cricket Battles. It’s signature shots of many players which you may utilize in the matches. It allows altering the camera angles, quality of images and some more options in configurations.

It is possible to unlock various championships and stadiums by leveling up in the game or creating in-app purchases for this. In addition to this, you could also buy bats, shoes, balls, and gloves in the sport store for the players. You could even choose to play the game using a keypad or by tapping on at the display.

All these Are The Best Cricket Games For Android

We’ve supplied the list of top 10 cricket games for Android which may be played by anyone, offline as well as online. But, there are In-app purchases to unlock various modes and levels.

If you’re searching for a simple yet amazing cricket game then Stick Cricket is the one you can go with. World Cricket Battle is the best one of each of the games, since it’s some actual game characteristics like rain disturbance, D/L method, and so on, which is tough to find in other games.


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