5 Best Assistive Touch For Android To Enjoy Quick Access


I had been facing an problem with my Android cellphone only a couple days back. The power button to the negative rim just collapsed. I tried to get a new one but it was unavailable in the market. Tried handling to change it by other ways but struggled with accepting screenshots. It was a nightmare. I then watched one of my buddy utilizing Assistive Touch on his mobile phone. So, I chose to give it a go. Even you could be struggling with these sorts of difficulties. Maybe your volume keys are not working or there is an issue with your home button. If you are also facing similar problems in your Android cellphone then these best assistive touch for Android will be for you personally. These apps will provide you an AssistiveTouch like iPhone.

Best Assistive Touch For Android To Get Floating Touch


I think this is the best assistive touch on Android when compared to this one on iOS. As the name suggests, this program is so simple to use.

It is possible to take screenshots through this program. Turn in your device’s flashlight using one touch, glide your telling bar to receive all the upgrades, one-touch access to the house display; this app provides it all.

You could text, call or drop an email to your used contacts via this program. I couldn’t find any drawback for this wonderful app.

You can also find the same program with iPhone style by the same programmers.

Floating Toolbox

For only 804kb, this program is a cure. You’ll find a floating icon on your screen which simply opens a drop-down of apps on touching. It is quite different from other drifting touch apps on Android because of its small size and exceptional design.

In the free version, you can add up to a max of 5 apps whereas at professional version you may add unlimited apps. You can change the appearance of the floating icon by simply altering its size and transparency. By upgrading to the top version, you also receive toggle choices, recent programs, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a lot more attributes.

You might also sort apps ordering according to your personal convenience. Unfortunately, there is no alternative for capturing screenshots but nonetheless, it is worth giving a try.

Simple Control

Like the majority of the custom gesture programs, this app also lets you navigate using touch rather than physical buttons. This app is especially best for those users that do not have functioning navigation buttons on their phones.

Primarily it allows you access recent apps, home display and back button with one touch. You have the choice to alter or alter them in settings by which you’ll be able to access the camera and other apps just by touching precisely the exact icons for an extended period.

There is a option to alter the overall look of those icons by simply picking from the icons supplied by the programmers. You might even alter the standing of these icons by altering the height, width and position of them in the Lively Edge settings.

This could have been the best app or even for your advertisements. It permits you to customize the choices offered in assistive touch more than every other app in the listing.

By just touching the assistive icon, then you have access to so many features. You can clean your RAM residuals through this attribute.

It’s possible to lock your display when the power button is not working. This program allows you to add your favourite apps to Favor through which you are able to easily access them without browsing through programs menu.

Users get other essential shortcuts such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, place, volume controllers, and ringer settings. If you want to use various shortcuts then you always have the option to change them at the design settings of this program.

iSwipe Phone X

When you have used an iPhone before then this will be the most attractive app to you. It’s basically a control centre exactly like in iOS.

On the top left corner, now you’ve got your preferences shortcuts like Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, Bluetooth and so forth. In addition you have a mini music player. The user can also control brightness and volume controller from widgets and you can select night mode for improved usability.

At the bottom section, you will have the shortcut to apps such as Flashlight, clock, calculator, and Camera. And needless to say, you may always change those setting depending on your choice and at any time.

These best Assistive Touch for Android really are a life savior. They could help in so many ways to overcome issues with your device buttons or screen. If you wish to install only 1 app rather than trying all 5 programs then I would definitely suggest EasyTouch.


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